Road Show
A Taste of NAB
is now complete for 2002!
We drove over 13,900 miles to 31 venues.

The Itinerary


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The itinerary covers thirty-one venues, of which all twenty-one top US markets are included. (#1 in New York through #21 in Pittsburgh) The trip began April 22nd and will end on July 10th. The pictures of the visited venues are no longer available here on the web. Contact the webmaster if interested.

Venue # Location Date Day of the week
1 Sacramento, CA 23-Apr-02 Tuesday
2 San Francisco, CA 24-Apr-02 Wednesday
3 Los Angeles, CA 29-Apr-02 Monday
4 San Diego, CA 1-May-02 Wednesday
5 Phoenix, AZ 3-May-02 Friday
6 Dallas TX 6-May-02 Monday
7 Houston, TX 8-May-02 Wednesday
8 New Orleans, LA 10-May-02 Friday
9 Tampa, FL 13-May-02 Monday
10 Miami, FL 15-May-02 Wednesday
11 Atlanta, GA 20-May-02 Monday
12 Charlotte, NC 22-May-02 Wednesday
13 Raleigh, NC 23-May-02 Thursday
14 Washington, DC 28-May-02 Tuesday
15 Baltimore, MD 29-May-02 Wednesday
16 Philadelphia, PA 31-May-02 Friday
17 New York, NY 3-Jun-02 Monday
18 Hartford, CT 5-Jun-02 Wednesday
19 Boston, MA 7-Jun-02 Friday
20 Pittsburgh, PA 10-Jun-02 Monday
21 Cleveland, OH 11-Jun-02 Tuesday
22 Detroit, MI 13-Jun-02 Thursday
23 Minneapolis/St. Paul 19-Jun-02 Wednesday
24 Kansas City, MO 21-Jun-02 Friday
25 Denver, CO 24-Jun-02 Monday
26 Salt Lake City, UT 26-Jun-02 Wednesday
27 Boise, ID 28-Jun-02 Friday
28 Seattle, WA 1-Jul-02 Monday
29 Washington State University 8-Jul-02 Monday
30 Portland, OR 9-Jul-02 Tuesday
31 Eugene, OR 10-Jul-02 Wednesday

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