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The Itinerary
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Total Road Show attendance in 2004 = 1105
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Underwritten by the following companies:

World Leader in Lightning ProtectionStructural lightning protection, Bus Bars, Tower leg grounding straps, transient voltage surge suppressors & more. 

Toll Free (800) 749-6800
Direct Voice (727) 447-6800
 Low Power FM,
VHF & UHF Television Translators, Transmitters & Boosters
(Digital & Analog)
High Power Television Transmitters
(Digital & Analog)

  Clocks, Counters, and DAs for nearly anything
  Dealers & Distributor around the world
Routing & Master Control Switchers
Toll Free (888) 638-8745
Direct Voice (530) 265-2815
Analog to digital and digital to analog
Audio & Video  
Toll Free Tel: (800) 669-1691
Direct Voice Tel: (217) 344-1243
Broadcast Automation
If it can be remote controlled, we can automate it!

(800) 645-5104

RIEDEL Communications
The Communications People
(818) 563 4100

Asaca/Shibasoku Corp. Of America
When Terabits of storage count!
(303) 278-1111
Electronics Research, Inc.
7777 Gardner Road
Chandler, IN 47610
Phone: (812) 925-6000
Fax: (812) 925-4030
Antennas, combiners and coax
The Latest in Holographic storage
2000 Pike Road
Longmont, Colorado 80501
(720) 494 7420

The latest in low cost video server solutions for the Broadcast Industry.

Phone: (818) 701-7771

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The expensive door prizes!

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Fluke has, once again  donated a
Model 189 multimeter and the winner is:


W. Lee Simmons,
Systems Engineer
W. Lee Simmons & Assoc., Inc.
Richfield, NC 28137

ADS Tech is donating an
 HDTV up converter that allows you up convert standard definition video to high definition in your home.
And the winner is:
Johnny Stigler,
Engineering Supervisor
Dallas, TX 75202


AJA is donating a
 FR1D 1 RU, 4-slot mounting frame with dual power supplies, an RH10UC 10-bit SDI to HD-SDI upconverter, and an RH10MD HD-SDI to 10-bit SDI Downconverter with 1x4 HD-SDI distribution amplifier
And the winner is:
Cedric Freeman,
Senior Operations Engineer
WFYI Teleplex
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Broadcast Group

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Harris Broadcast Group is donating a Blue Sky 5.1 Professional studio monitoring system.

And the winner is:
Michael Scott Sheerin
Asst. Professor
Advertising & Public Relations
Florida International University
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Biscayne Bay Campus,
North Miami, FL 33181
NMA-1420 -  Mongoose
MPEG-2 Network Analyzer
Monitor, in real time, incoming
Transport Stream.

And the winner is:
Robert Lyon,
Chief Engineer
Salt Lake City, UT 84104


The following companies donated door prizes for this year's Taste of NAB Road Show.
These drawings took place at each venue.
These prizes will be drawn for at each venue.
Clark Wire & Cable is donating a $50.00 gift certificate toward any Clark Wire & Cable product including, but not limited to, the many companies we represent, such as ADC, Neutrik, Canare, Paladin and many others. The gift certificate is in the form of a $50.00 credit to the winners account. The winner may apply this to an existing order, place a new order worth $50.00, or a larger order  and subtract the difference. Winners will be contacted, sent a Clark Wire & Cable Catalog and referred to our wed site so they can choose. 
Tel: (800) Cable-it
DSC Labs is donating a handy little Pocket size ColorBar/Gray Scale Test Pattern card for both 16x9 and 4x3 aspect ratios . Tel: (905) 673-3211  Fax: (905) 673-0929
DSC Labs also made up small pin-on Chip Chart badges for those in attendance.
is donating
1ea.  5-packs of Digital Vinyl
         1ea.  3-packs of DigitalMovie
DVD+ or-R
There will be 2 drawings for this item

is donating a personal DVD XPress.

is donating a D4E D/A Converter (SDI to NTSC/PAL or Y/C) with power supply.

 The Society of Motion Picture
 Television Engineers
is donating a CD of their latest TV Standards.
is donating a pair of HD212 Pro headphones.
is donating an "ESE" Polo-Shirt.
is donating an "Asaca"
is donating a "Sundance" T-Shirt.
Cobalt Digital
is donating a Model 4040 converter which converts SDI to analog composite, Y/C, or component.
is donating a "LightningMaster" Polo-Shirt.



Electronics Research, Inc.

is donating two door prizes:
A slide rule

A reprint of a 1920's Electronics Course




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