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This page last up dated: September 14, 2007
The Taste of NAB Road Show is not affiliated with the National Association of Broadcasters.


Why the Road Show Itinerary Sponsors & Door Prizes

Local Partners are needed to help make the Road Show a success: Local Partners who can handle the local logistics at each of the venues. If you follow these suggestions, the costs to all concerned should be minimal.

Here’s what's needed:

 Part 1: Local Partners will be responsible to arrange for a place where we can meet and do the presentation. (This can be at one of the local TV stations, production houses or their offices, if television equipment is available to demonstrate how the items I'll be bring with do their thing.  This should not be a restaurant; they don't like to give up tables for our displays and it isn't good to be moving equipment in and out while their customers are trying to eat.) There are usually enough local places in each community where we can meet that won't cost any of us anything. Where ever we meet, we will need 8 cafeteria-type tables to put our equipment on and a nearby outlet to plug into (117VAC/20A). We will bring all table coverings, electrical cabling, etc. We will need one or two helpers to set up and to strike the equipment. Contact me to discuss the details of my needs.


Part 2: It is not fair to any of us if the local engineering community doesn't show up. We'd like to see twenty or more, if possible. We notify the National offices of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and they have promised that they will notify their local Chapters and Sections about the trip. We suggest you invite everyone: TV, Radio, Cable, Post houses and any local educational institutions that have technical classes. Hams have enjoyed our presentations also. (KA6UTC).

To reinforce this, the Local Partners are asked extend invitations to the the engineering staffs of all television related businesses within a 50-100 mile radius and encourage them to attend. Since engineers do move between different types of facilities, it doesn't hurt to let everyone know about the event: management and craft. This is why not only TV stations, but post houses and cable companies should be on the invitation list. This is a small world and engineers do talk to each other; especially in the smaller markets. Look at what those who attended The Road Show - A Taste of NAB have had to say about it (click on the comments column of any year): http://www.tech-notes.tv/Taste_of_NAB.html


 Part 3: In most venues, I will be available the night before through the morning after the Road Show events to meet with anyone or help with any promotions. Although I  will take care of my own lodging, I would appreciate suggestions for nearby accommodations where my assistant, who will be accompanying me, and I can stay (We don't need the Ritz Carlton, but don't want the Hell Motel either.)


Part 4: There should be no out-of-pocket expenses to the Local Partner.  It is strongly suggested that you find local vendors who have been selling to your local broadcast community and put the mussel on them to kick in for food and/or local door prizes. It is expected that the Local Partner, if they are a sales organization, manufacturer's, service company, integrator or anything similar, will promote and display their products, services, etc. as well. We'll give them room to set up and show their technology. Please advise them to contact us about details as we don't want this to end up as a sales blitz on their part.


If your company or organization wishes to participate, in this effort, at any of the venues, call, e-mail, but let me know as soon as possible. Time is running out so your decision to participate should be forthcoming. Our office number is (541) 902-2424.  Remember we’re on the West Coast. RoadShow@Tech-Notes.TV

For additional information: E-mail me!



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