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Zig-Zag Scan

Zigzag scan of quantized DCT coefficient matrix.  This gives an efficient run length coding (RLC)


A Microsoft Windows based compressed (archive) file. Can contain one or many files as well as a directory structure. On the Internet, large graphics and programs are usually compressed into ZIP files and then made available for download. After you download this file you need to use a decompression software program to "unzip" the file.  


Common term to describe errors in digital pictures, which appear as random black or white dots.


1. The effect of a camera lens changing focal length, and so making the image larger or smaller.  2. The same effect simulated by a telecine or DVE

Zoom Lens

A lens with a variable focal length. Zoom lenses enable an operator to change magnification and angle of view without moving the camera or changing lenses.

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