It is not possible to tell the technical story of television without sharing its genesis, radio.

Thomas H. White did a very interesting paper on the history and "Mystique of the Three-Letter Call signs" back in January 1, 2001. Click here to visit his site.

The first broadcast station:  Pittsburgh or San Jose? 

Click here to read about the "Announcer"



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"Radio Doings" -- October 25, 1924. 

It is interesting to compare the early days of radio with today.  Note: Station locations are listed in meters. To convert meters to MHz, divide the frequency in meters into 300. For example: on page 25, they show KGO - Pacific Broadcasting Station is at 312 meters. That converts to 0.961 MHz or 961 KHz. KGO is now located at 810 KHz or 370 meters.



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