TV & FM Translators DTV LPTV - LPFM Seminar Fall 2004

Index of handouts

1. Introduction
(less than a meg)
2. Experimental Translators and Microwave Technology to provide 8VSB TV Signals to Rural Communities outside the Coverage areas of a Primary TV station
(5 MB file)
(1.6 MB file)
4. Dr. B. St. Clair Part 1
(3 MB file)
5. Dr. B. St. Clair Part 2
(3 MB file)
6. Sencore (will be posted later)
7. FM Translator and Low Power Line
A special thanks to:
Pat Shearer, Chief Engineer of KWBP in Portland,
Tim Hershiser, Chief Engineer of KLSR/KEVU in Eugene,
Tom Werner, Chief Engineer of Southern Oregon Public Television in Medford
and the management at their stations for their most generous hospitality in providing us with a place to hold these seminars/workshops.

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