FM Transmitter Series FM Translator Series
LARCAN 25 Watt to 25kW Transmitters are available from:
Bloomfield Enterprises
1980 25th St.
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 902-2424


Please note: Bloomfield Enterprises represents only the products on this website.
LARCAN also manufactures a complete line of full power analog and digital transmitter.
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Our FM Transmitter Series delivers exceptional audio performance and reliability - within an all-inclusive compact design.

Developed and built with the same renowned LARCAN design and quality of our television broadcast products, our FM solutions combine proven transmitter technology with rugged performance and superior RF output. A compact design with clear and consistent results - our FM transmitter series is the best choice for broadcasters looking for the ultimate in made to measure FM broadcast solutions.

  • Superior Audio Performance
  • Dual or Single Exciter Operation (Single Standard, dual optional)
  • Mosfet Technology
  • Built-in Transient Suppression Module (optional)
  • Rugged & Reliable
  • SCA and RDS Operation (standard)
  • Built-in Air Forced Cooling Fans
  • Operation into cavity input or star point combiner
  • Compact
  • FCC Certified



ISO-9001 Quality Assured