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An excursion by a home fruit jar manufacturer into the world of video monitors.

The following is a timeline history taken from Ball Brothers Corporation annual reports to their shareholders.  It was provided by what is left of Ball Brothers in Colorado.  We'd be happy to add to this if anyone has additional information.  Ball Brothers doesn't even have old pictures.


Aerospace and Electronics

BBRC's volume of core plant work for IBM was lower than in 1966, but this was offset by the acquisition during the year of Miratel Electronics Company, a producer of specialized television monitors at New Brighton, Minnesota. Miratel's products and market position fit well with BBRC's television products and skills, and make Ball a small but important factor in the exciting field of information display equipment and specialized studio television equipment.


Technical Division

BBRCís was represented the remaining one-third of division sales. television products for the commercial, educational, military and industrial markets continue to be favorably accepted my including products of merit tell, which was acquired 1960's or he a new solid-state color TV monitor, the first in its field, was introduced in 1968 and has been well received.  A nine-inch black and white low price monitor was developed in 1968 and placed in production late in the year.  A military adaptation of the commercial television monitor and a low light level camera for night vision for developed an effort to penetrate the military television market.


All Plants And Products

A St. Paul Minnesota location produces television monitors and a display device under the Miratel label. 


Technical Products

Consolidation of televisual products manufacturing from Colorado into the Miratel location in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, has resulted in significant improvement of financial performance by the operation.  The use of monitors as display devices in computer installations and security systems and in videophones systems are for expanding markets.  Inter- used early 1971 was a soap and troll console for studio use in commercial, educational and cable television operations.


Ball-Miratelís new color flight information displays have been and are being installed in airline terminals at several of the country's major airports.  The new displays are being used in conjunction with a new digital flight information system and provide a bright, clear display not untenable with camera delivered systems.  During the year, Ball-Miratel also completed his first production room of monitors for Vistaphones (picture telephones) to be used by independent telephone companies in the United States.


Operational Review -- Aerospace, Electronics And Other Technical Products

At Miratel sales were up approximately 50 percent to market leadership of its universal chassis CRT display terminal.  These terminals provide schedule information and major airports throughout the nation and are in increasing demand for other computer -- linked data displays.  A novel use for Miratel monitors is in the electronic tennis, ping-pong, and hockey games, which had become popular.  BBRCís contract manufacturing work for major electronics customers continues and even pace.  A new facility to accommodate some of this work was opened in January of this year at Delta, Colorado.


Operational Review

Shipments by the electronic display division in Roseville, Minnesota, increase 50 percent because of the burgeoning demand for it smirked a line of monitors for computer -- linked data displays.  The manufacturing division and Bolder and Delta, Colorado, also showed substantial improvements, primarily in computer products was sales of 40 percent.


Operational Highlights

October-electronics display division ball Brothers research Corporation began construction of a new $2 million, 85,000 square foot manufacturing plants and Blaine, Minnesota, your St. Paul.

Technical Products

A program was initiated during the second half of the year to take Ball into the burgeoning computer for cruel distant -- cried the computer -- driven cathode ray tube's display demand increased to the point that the electronics display division facilities became an adequate, necessitated the construction of an 85,000 square foot facility in Blaine, Minnesota, to house the division.  The new building, which will be completed the spring of 1976, allow consolidation of operations which are now and three leased buildings.


Technical Products

Electronic display division results, though profitable, were disappointing.  This division continue to grow and in annual rate of more than 40 percent but start up costs in the new $2 million Blaine, Minnesota, facility he pressed profits.  Operations by year and, however, had improved significantly.  Ball continues to enjoy leadership position the cathode ray tube data display market.

Operational highlights

Electronics display division occupies new plant in Blaine, Minnesota.


Technical Products

The data display business continues to grow so rapidly that the Blaine, Minnesota delete build only two years ago, was filled to capacity.  Additional production was transferred to bolder, Colorado.  The Blaine plant will be expanded in 1978 to keep pace with the burgeoning demand for cathode ray tube's (CRT) displays for business and industry CRT and data display component business, an which Ball holds a major position in the industry, it's profitable and drying and a rapid pace as a result of the running applications of remote terminals for computer systems.


Operating Review: Technical Products

Substantial development costs, both in products and organization, greatly diminished profits in parts of the technical production segment.  Plan editions for electronic data display manufacturing in computer product line extensions were accomplished, designed to increase sales and profit potential of these products.


Technical Products

a major expansion manufacturing facilities at the or chronic display division in Blaine, Minnesota, is enabled that operation to maintain and share of the rapidly growing computer terminal business.  The division is a leading independent producer of cathode ray data display monitors for computer terminals.

Both color and black and white television monitors are made for commercial, educational and cable television markets, was fully transistor eyes, high-resolution display devices for industrial and laboratory applications.


Electronic Display Division,

While not meeting 1979's results, and the year with increases over the year earlier fourth-quarter.  Economic conditions and in increase in foreign domestic competition responsible for 1980s slow results.  The continued market grow for cathode ray tube computer terminal displays promises an exciting future for the division.


Electronics display division, which produces cathode ray tube's for computer-driven terminals, is experiencing increase customer interest in his monitors for the word processing and graphics industries.  It's new line, the B.C. series, is designed for high volume users.  The division has an established position in computerize communications systems, rapidly growing industry, and has developed substantial export business in Europe.


Technical Products Group

Electronics Display Division Exhibited improvement over the period year.  This operation produces cathode ray tube displays for computer-driven terminals.

Increased interest has been exhibited in the high-performance section of this product line, especially in the areas of computer assisted designed/computer aided manufacturing, graphics and word processing.  This business is expected to grow further in 1983.  New product developments, an expanding market effort and recently completed organizational changes of kinship to this growth.

As a part of the year visitation, a new division has been established in the group: electronic system division.  This unit will combine the top chronic display, computer products and contract manufacturing divisions.  Creation of the electronic systems division loss to improve our opportunities in the systems business, achieve a higher level of production integration and centralize purchasing and other staff functions previously handled by three separate organizations.  Our goal is to improve productivity and expand market coverage, thus yielding higher profitable margins.  Significant canvases will also be placed on the new developments.


Technical Products Segment

The segments electronic systems division completed his first four-year operation in 1983.  This division was formed late 1982 to the combination of the former electronic display, computer products and contract manufacturing divisions.  While the year was disappointing financially, significant progress was evident in products cost reductions, overhead reductions, marketing focus and new product development.

The series of data displays have undergone significant design changes to reduce costs to meet the challenges of foreign competition.  Additionally, emphasis has been continued in the electronic fabrication, material handling and test areas to increased automation of the factory

New product development is well underway in areas of industrial automation and telecommunications.

Backlog in the data display and contract-manufacturing areas of the division increased markedly over the latter half of 1983.

Significant economics and deficiencies were gained with the formation of the electronic systems division.  This, plus new business expected during the coming months, should result in improved financial results in 1984.


Demand for monochrome display monitors produced with electronic systems division was downed her in 1984.  A new color monitor that is appealing to the CD's Lacey a.m. and other more sophisticated markets was introduced, and interests in this product has been encouraging.


Electronics Systems Division

The year 1985 was very difficult for the electronic systems division.  Better by offshore pricing in the video display monitor business, manufacturing operations were consolidated in existing Colorado facilities.  Operating expenses have been reduced to slow losses in this production line.


Technical Products

Electronic system division operative loss in 1986, although reduce especially as a result of intensive cost cutting measures.  Work in the traditional area of display monitors for computer terminals of centering on the high-performance market new product development in industrial dissertation is progressing in sales of data track and fast-track continue to be promising.


The unprofitable CRT display business was divested in the summer.  

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