The Announcer:

"This page will continue after these messages and stations identification."

"This is KNX2, Channel T!"

(In memory of my dear friend, staff announcer, Charlie Dougdale, announcer at KNXT Channel 2 in Los Angeles.)

The announcer, pitch man, DJ or whatever he was called, often times was the identity of the station.  It was his voice, and in later years, her voice, that could be recognized anywhere and at any time. In typically lyric, dulcet and in usually a  baritone voice, you could hear the call letters of your favorite station, the introduction of your favorite performer or the close of a heart renting drama; you could hear about old and new products, services or whatever, on anything from a crystal set to the most expensive Hi-Fi set.  They were the oft unsung heroes of radio, and now today television: the announcer.  

The following are tests given to would be announcers

  • One hen.

  • Two ducks.

  • Three squawking geese.

  • Four limerick oysters.

  • Five corpulent porpoises.

  • Six pairs of Don Alverso's tweezers.

  • Seven thousand Macedonians in full battle array.

  • Eight brass monkeys from the ancient, sacred crypts of Egypt.

  • Nine apathetic, sympathetic diabetic old men on roller skates with marked propensity toward procrastination and sloth.

  • Ten lyrical, spherical, diabolical denizens of the deep who all stall around the corner of the queasy quay at the very same time.

If you know of any others, we'll add them.  E-mail us.

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